Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Greatest Gift

This magnificent beast is Pickles. She's my amazing anniversary gift from my beloved.
She loves water as much as I do!
I cannot tell you how much I love this horse. But, being me, I'm going to try anyway!
I grew up in Kentucky, and aside from my ten year stint on the west coast, it's where I've lived all my life. We're sort of known for our horses here... and bourbon. Oh, and fried chicken.
As a little girl, I desperately wanted a horse. Though I grew up in a small town, we were city folks and, being the youngest of eight kids, a horse just wasn't in the budget.
Exploring together.
But, god, I wanted a horse. I cried for a horse. But it wasn't meant to be. I've never stopped loving horses, though. They're just such beautiful creatures.
So naturally I started looking at horses in Second Life. I found this beauty, and oh, did I want her. But holy crap... HOLY CRAP, the price! I just couldn't justify carving that much out of my budget for her.
But I never stopped going to visit her, and riding her on the tiny little test parcel of land the creator has set up.
And my man didn't forget how much I loved this horse, even though I stopped talking about her after a while. Much like in real life, I just didn't think it was meant to be.
Not just no, but HELL NO. We left pretty quickly!
I was so surprised. I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it. I have my horse! My beautiful, beautiful Pickles! I am so in love with this precious thing!
He got one for himself, too... a beautiful stallion named Opus. Can you guess where the names came from?

We're going to have so much fun riding together, exploring. Every day with Hugh is just such a gift.
A kiss for my girl.
Thank you, baby... thank you so much for the greatest gift I've ever received in my life. And that's the gift of having you. The gift of your love. And, yeah, Pickles is a damn close second! ;-)
She's an amazing addition to my life... letting me live my dreams of having my own horse!
I would say that I couldn't be happier... but everytime I think that, my man proves me wrong by making me happier than I ever thought possible, day after day after day. For more than a year now!
How did I get so lucky? I don't know. Don't care. All I know is that I love every second of my life. And I love sharing it with you, baby. Thank you. xoxox

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