Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve Eve

Hey, did you guys know it's 10 minutes until New Year's Eve?

Yes, by the time I post this, it'll be after midnight.

I'm going to be swinging single tomorrow night since Pooh Bear won't be home in time to celebrate with me. And by swinging single, I mean I'm probably going to be watching Dexter on Netflix, maybe drinking a couple cocktails, peeling the cats off the damn ceiling from the fireworks and masturbating.
There's also a very good possibility of a giddy drunken blog post reflecting on the last twelve months. And that means I'll probably be taking sloppy drunken photos to go with a sloppy drunken post!
So I thought I'd take some classy photos tonight to balance the ones tomorrow night that'll probably be me with my legs in the air furiously pumping a pixel vibrator in my snatch. Or mascara-streaked ugly crying because I miss my fella.

Or both.
I think I'm invoking a little naughty Audrey Hepburn here, eh?
I've never really been a big fan of Audrey... I've always considered myself more Katherine. She was so much cooler.
I bet Kate would have taken some raunchy selfies for Spencer. Hell, maybe she did. She was my kind of woman. Strong, independent... she gave not a single fuck. And her relationship with Spencer? Oh, yes, I can absolutely relate.
Audrey probably wouldn't have pierced her nose, would she? So prim and proper...
C'mon, give us a kiss!
I want a New Year's spanking. I really love the sting of the riding crop. Such a delicious kind of ouch. Delicious... oh, yes, I could certainly use some Delicious right now.

Soon. Very, very soon now. Counting the hours... Not until midnight, but until my man returns to me. Have I mentioned how hard I'm going to fuck him when he gets home? I am. So hard. I'm gonna get that cock in every hole. I do hope he's been taking his vitamins and eating well. He's going to need every ounce of energy he can muster. I want his cum all over me, inside me. Want to bathe in it, inside and out. In my hair, smeared across my cheeks and lips, dripping off my chin onto my breasts. Want to feel him spurting deep inside my tight little ass. I want it filling my cunt and my belly. Want him to mark me with his seed. Thick, white globs and strings of cum... need to taste it, feel it warming my body.


I want him. Badly. Now.

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