Saturday, November 29, 2014

Let's Talk Tipping

I'll be nice and post pictures of last night's date while I lecture...
Yesterday, I dropped by Image Essentials. The wickedly funny and talented Kay Weston built this place out of love and a desire to give people an amazing place to take photos. Not only are there studios with any prop you could want, she's built an entire sim of gorgeous photography settings. And it's all free. FREE! The group is free, the props and poses are free to use, and it's just lovely.

And there are plenty of spots all around the sim for folks to leave tips and donations to help her pay the tier on this great place.

The Image Essentials group has close to 5,000 members, and yesterday morning when I stopped by, she'd only collected 7% of the tier for the month (it's up to 13% now).

People, that's just shameful.
Let the wild rumpus begin!
Look, I know Second Life is "free". And I know times are tight for all of us.

But come the fuck on! If you use a place like Image Essentials, leave a tip, damn it. Otherwise, these fabulous places are going to die.

We all know that real estate prices in Second Life are asinine, and over the years, many people have drifted away from Second Life because of this.
Awww... is that for me?
But we're here, and I assume we're here because we love Second Life, right? In addition to the fabulous people we meet, there are fabulous places to see and visit. The places have tremendous overhead and they are slowly all going away and that's tragic.

I would love to see SL drop the prices on land to something reasonable, but it doesn't look like that's happening anytime soon so it's up to us, the users, to keep it alive.
Hungry, hungry Hugh
It doesn't matter if it's L$20 or L$200 or L$2,000... just give a little. If everyone did it, it would add up quickly and these wonderful creators could keep creating and keeping these places alive.

Not to mention... damn it, they deserve something for their talent. For putting these places together. God knows, I can't do it. I don't have that creativity and talent so I rely on others to build these places for me.
Slip and slide...
And speaking of talent, how about the musicians playing all over Second Life? And the DJs? And the club owners? How often do you go out to a club or to hear a musician or band play in SL?

I go all the time. There are some incredible musicians playing show after show after show all over Second Life and if you're not getting out to see them, you're really missing out.
Makin' like Tigger... bounce, bounce bounce
And shouldn't they be paid for performing? Of course they should. And dropping a couple hundred lindens in their tip jar is a hell of a lot cheaper than going out in RL.

Pretty much every musician I've heard in SL would rather you tip the venue, though, if you've got a limited amount of lindens. Because if the venues close, the musicians have no place to play.

Same goes for the DJs and hosts and hostesses at clubs.
Aftershocks... all over his belly
It's the price you pay for getting to enjoy these labors of love. None of these people are in it to make a living. They just want to provide a place for people to gather and have a good time.

To keep Second Life alive.
All the kisses... never enough kisses... more kisses!
Tipping is just a part of life. I know in countries other than America, tipping isn't something people necessarily regularly do. Maybe it hasn't occurred to you that you need to be paying these folks. I'm here to tell you that you do. You absolutely do.

Please do.
I love Second Life and I want to keep it alive and growing. I know there are issues that are beyond our control, but this is something we can.

The reality is that Second Life is NOT free. Just like real life isn't free. You get what you pay for. I factor it into my monthly entertainment budget. The tier for my land, all the goofy shopping I do, and yes, the places I visit. If I snap one single photo, there will be a tip. If I dance on someone's dance floor, they get a tip. If I turn my speakers up to hear a wonderful live musician, they get a tip.

Honestly, sometimes I'm broke. Sometimes I, in fact, don't have the lindens in my account.. and I feel guilty as hell when that happens. So you know what? I come back when I do have the lindens and leave a tip to make up for it.  Most of us are living paycheck to paycheck... I get that, and so do these folks building these wonderful places. Maybe you can't leave any, or maybe you can only leave L$10. So what? Go back after payday and make good.

You can do it... I know you can! I have faith in you!
Settling in for a long winter's nap

Tip, tip, tip, tip, TIP!

Help these places stay alive. 


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