Friday, November 7, 2014

Invisible Touches

Our times usually sync pretty well... but every once in a while, one of those nights comes along where we just can't be in SL at the same time.
That's normally not a problem... neither of us have any trouble entertaining ourselves when we're not together.
But sometimes one of those nights happens... like tonight... when all I want to do is fuck my man. When there is absolutely nothing else that will satisfy me but his cock, buried to the hilt, thrusting and stretching my little puss until we both shatter.
What's a girl to do?
I tried to cool myself off with a nice little dip in the ocean, but unfortunately, with the water teasing and tickling my clit, it just heated me up more.
I had to take matters into my own hands... I mean, really, I had to.

There was simply no other choice than letting my fingers do the walking. And stroking. A bit of pinching and tugging, too.
Oh, it didn't take long at all... that little button was swollen and throbbing before I even touched it. As a matter of fact, I had to take great care not to cum too quickly. Had to pay special attention to my pussy lips, inner and outer, tracing them, outlining them, just like he does with his fingers and tongue so often.
The salty, buoyant ocean water didn't do a thing to wash away the creaminess that was just oozing from my slit. I get so damn wet when I think of him... unbelievably wet. He does that to me... just the mere thought of him, the way he knows my body, the way he treasures it, coaxing forth the most exquisite orgasms from so deep in my body. Just him. Only him.
Rubbing, caressing myself... my breasts, my pussy... my nipples, twisting and pinching and tugging on them... slipping two, then three long fingers deep inside, pumping, finding that rhythm that's just right, mimicking the thrust of his cock.
Then finally... finally... touching my clit. 


Every nerve ending alive... reaching and thrumming... soft whimpers rising above the lapping of the waves on the beach. A gasp. Breath catching in my throat. That tightening... the tightening he knows so very well. I've no doubt that he could feel it... feel me... miles and miles and miles away... I know he can feel when I cum. When I cum for him.

Somewhere very far away from Kentucky, he felt a shudder. He felt the way I grasp his cock with my slick walls, and he felt my release. The way it curls my toes and heats my belly and spreads through my entire body, leaving me shuddering and shaking and a delicious, wicked, sticky, wet mess. 

And I lick my fingers, tasting myself.. and I know he tastes it, too. Wherever he is, whatever he's doing, we're together and he knows... god, how he knows.

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