Thursday, September 25, 2014

Til Soon...

Damn real life.
Hugh and I are having one of those weeks where real life is getting in the way of seeing each other.
As luck would have it, I'm also rather in heat.
So tonight I went to his place. Even knowing he wasn't here, it still makes me feel close to him. It's my second home... my other sanctuary.
I can sense his presence everywhere... his scent, his light... his very essence.
God, I'm craving him. I want my man.
But he's not here.
He will be, though. And I know he's thinking of me, just as I'm thinking of him.
I jumped in his shower...
I know he was here today. I have the photographic evidence. ;-)
Oh... how sweet of him! He ran the bath for me before he had to leave!
Made sure to take advantage and make sure I was nice and clean before I headed to my next destination.
His bed.
I grabbed his pillow. And a little friend I like to call my Hugh-substitute.
Did a little grinding on the spot I know he rests his head every night.
Thought I'd leave a little of my own essence behind for him...
Sorry, baby. You might need to wash your pillow. And the sheets.

Or not. Your choice. ;-)
All that exploring made me a little sleepy. After some tossing and turning, I was finally able to settle down.
I'm sure he won't mind me staying over tonight. I think this is a fine spot to curl up and drift away to our special place... that place where the real world and this world melt away into one blissful never-ending dream.

Goodnight, my love. Til soon.

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