Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Second Thoughts on the Belleza Venus Body

Oh, I still love it... adore it.

Very, very happy to have it and well worth the price!

But now that I've had it a couple of days and have started playing with wearing (or trying) clothes, I'm starting to see a few issues. I've had some questions about it so I decided to post a few pictures to show what I mean.

First off, I'm normally a standard size small in mesh clothes. The clothes I'm wearing in these photos (except the first ones of the jeans) are medium. I've also decreased my butt size to zero.

I played with decreasing my hip size, too, but I started looking like a rail instead of a person. Also, my boobs are pretty small as is... I don't want to make them any smaller. So...
This is my butt (size zero) in my favorite pair of Maitreya jeans. This is the small mesh, but even in the medium, my butt and hips still poked through.

Now with the next alpha layer applied...
The alpha is way too high... would be fine if I was wearing a shirt that covers it, but I like to show my belly. :-)

So I tried the large size jeans...
Er... no.

Next is a simple tank top. This is a medium. The circled parts show where my boobs poke out, and where the vee is, you can see the alpha. Removing that alpha makes me stick out under the boobs.
And here it is from the side... 
Bits of hip sticking out, but when I apply the alpha layer that hides that...
Way too low. Again, it'd be fine with pants that don't show any belly, but... not ideal.

This dress is *almost* perfect...

From the front, it looks great!
And it's nearly almost perfect from the back, too, except for the bits of shoulder that show when I move.
But when you apply the alpha that covers those bits sticking out...
Your neck disappears. Would be fine, I guess, if you have long hair, but I like wearing short hair so it doesn't work for me.

I totally understand that you can't expect the mesh body creators to have the alpha layer appliers so intricate and small and detailed that you can hide your bits right down to each individual pixel... that would be impossible.

But some of these, like the butt layer that is so big that you can't wear low rise jeans or a shirt that shows any belly can easily be fixed, as well as the neck/shoulder issue. 

I guess I can tweak my boobs a bit smaller but when my shape is a standard small and the mediums still don't fit... I don't know. 

To me the best option I've seen so far is the Omega HUD with the clothing layer appliers but then I hate to have to replace my inventory with all new items. And we can't ask all the clothing makers to go back and create Omega appliers for every single thing.

So, no... it's not perfect. But it's an absolutely gorgeous body and I love it. 


  1. I couldn't agree more. I think the Belleza mesh body is stunning, but the issues with alpha layers for my huge inventory of mesh clothes is what has kept me from purchasing it as of yet. And to buy a mesh body for just nude or lingerie shots kind of defeats the purpose as I don't take many of them as it is.

    1. If I didn't tromp around naked most of the time, I doubt I would have gone with a mesh body. ;-)

      Underneath the clothes, you can't really seem much of a difference between mesh and non-mesh.


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