Sunday, September 21, 2014

First Thoughts on the Belleza Venus Body

Note: I am NOT a Belleza blogger... I am just a consumer. Also, these photos are unretouched. Wanted to show the body as it looks without editing.
I have been waiting for this body for what seems like forever... When I first heard it was going to be "released soon", I ran to Belleza and bought a brand new skin so that when it came out, I wouldn't have skin matching issues. That was... er... May 24th.  
Today, four months later, I finally have it. And let's be real... it's freaking gorgeous. I tried the demos of the other bodies... Wowmeh before it got pulled, Slink, the one from the Body Shop (who the FUCK came up with that clusterfuck of a pain in the ass HUD shopping bullshit?!)

Maybe it was because I was waiting for the Belleza, but none of those worked for me. They just seemed to be far more trouble than they were worth.

Anyway, I've got my body now. THESE BOOBIES! ZOMG! I love these boobies! I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am that I won't have to mess with the Lolas anymore! The Delicq were a HUGE improvement over the Tangos, but I still couldn't get them small enough... I don't want big giant boobies! I want nice, round, bouncy, NORMAL sized boobies! And now I do! For that alone, this is sooooooo worth it!
And THIS is a gorgeous butt. I did, in fact, try the Phat Azz bullshit and trashed it immediately. Who the fuck thinks that looks good? I'd like a normal butt, please. Thank you, Belleza for giving me one! 
I dig the feets, too... I can't wait until designers start making shoes for them. I love the hands, too. I have a bit of an issue with mesh hands in general, though... not so much the hands, but trying to wear jewelry with them. I have two rings that I wear all the time and everytime you change hands, the rings have to be readjusted. One of them is copyable, so I just need to make a bunch of copies and fit them to each set of hands... my other ring, though, is not copyable. This makes it a huge pain in the ass to change hands, so I just don't do it.

I did buy a second one today, though, so I do have one for the Slink hands and one for the Belleza hands. But until jewelry designers figure out a way to make their jewelry as an applier, this is always going to be an issue.
Then I encountered vagina issues... and as a woman, I hate having vagina issues... ;-)

The photo above is taken with my VAW vagina. It doesn't look bad from this angle... I had a bit of a problem getting the skin to match perfectly but that wasn't such a big deal.

But once I really started looking at it... the fit was all out of whack. From, you know, a head on view of it, legs spread and beaver wide open. I futzed with it for a while... and then started taking apart my vagina. I tried getting rid of the outer lips but then I just had giant labia sticking out.. and even then, in the open position, you could see the Belleza body beneath...

And OMG... as I typed this, I realized I could use the alpha and hide that! So... er... back to the vagina drawing board as it were... so never mind this part.
But, really, this doesn't look bad at all... I ended up getting rid of all visible parts of my VAW except the pubic hair.
I think it looks quite pretty like this.

Depending on my tests with the coochie alpha, this may be what I end up with. Hugh might have to deal with his girlfriend having a snatch that doesn't open... lol.
The biggest problem I found is with the neck... 

See, it's advertised as coming with neck blender tattoos but when I got mine, those weren't included. 
As you can see, there is a terrible seam issue there... it's bad enough that this will be mostly unwearable until that issue is fixed.
I dropped a notecard to Felicity and she got back to me almost immediately. I know she is swamped as shit right now, so I really, really appreciate her getting back to me so quickly. Great customer service will keep me coming back again and again and again. 

The Belleza folks are aware there is a problem and they are working very hard to fix it. Felicity requested these photos from me... if any of you are having the same issue, please send a photo to her. They are trying to gather as much info as they can so they can get a fix in place.

I'm a very bad consumer... I was so damn anxious for this to come out, and was getting irritated with hearing that it was "coming soon" for months and months and months... and then when I got it and found this issue, I got mad all over for them releasing it before this was fixed.

But honestly, with the right WL settings, the seam isn't all THAT noticeable (okay, maybe it is...) but it won't stop me from using this body for photos until it's all smoothed out.
I haven't really tried it with clothes yet... it's too pretty to cover up. I did try with a pair of pants and my butt stuck out the back of them... would have been fine if I wasn't trying to show my belly but I know I have to shrink my butt size to fit them and I just didn't want to bother playing with my shape. 

Besides... why would I want to wear clothes over this? LOOK AT THOSE TITS!

So... first impressions... a couple of minor issues. But damn, this thing is fabulous. I really, really can't wait for designers to start making clothes and shoes and nails!

Definitely worth the wait. 

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