Sunday, April 6, 2014

How To Spend A Sunday Afternoon

This yummy creature and I have been circling each other for the past week, teasing and tantalizing each other.
We almost managed to get together on Friday night, but one of those things happened that only happens in Second Life. I had a mouthful of his cock... had just started... and his girlfriend TPed in. Mind you, they have an open relationship but as fate would have it, SL froze her to the spot.

Right in the middle of the bed. Like a statue. Couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't TP back out.

I've not met her before so I, naturally, took her silence to mean she was giving him nineteen kinds of hell in IM and made my exit.
In only took a few minutes to sort things out and come to understand she was frozen, and mortified that she couldn't make a delicate exit, but the moment had passed.

We both ended up having a lovely night anyway... just not together!
So it was a wonderful surprise to find we both had a few hours to kill today.

And we slayed them.
These photos are actually from the second round. I was too busy finishing up our interrupted blow job from the other night to snap photos then.
He has a wicked, wicked tongue and used it on me so damn good. I came so hard on his face. More than once.
And couldn't resist reaching back to grasp that thick cock of his and stroke him. I love cock... that's no secret... and his was gorgeous and oh-so filling.
He fed and fed on my sweet little pussy, not letting up, not letting me catch my breath until I was begging him to fuck me.
And fuck me he did. Hard, just like I was craving. Hard and deep.
He had me screaming... pleading with him. Just to fuck me... fuck me. Fill me. Stretch my tight little pussy with that big cock of his.
God, I squirted... SL and RL. Clamping down on that throbbing shaft, spurting. So fucking hard. I lost count of my orgasms.
It was soooo damn good. He was forceful in all the right ways, taking what he wanted from me, and giving me exactly what I craved in return.
Bit of hair pulling, ass slapping... all the things I love so much.
All the while just fucking pounding me. Making me his cock slut for those few hours we spent writhing together.
Sweaty, gasping, clawing at each other... It felt like one, long, continuous orgasm. As soon as I shattered, he'd start building it up again.
And when I just couldn't take it anymore... and neither could he... he tossed my legs right over my head and drove inside me with such wild abandon, taking me with him as he released his seed inside me. Hot spurt after spurt of sticky cum filling me... god damn, I do love that. I needed it. And got it so good.
So I think he'll stay around for a bit. We still have some... things... we need to do to each other.

We'd followed each other on Flickr... that's how he found me, and finally said hello.

And what a hello it was!


  1. Thank you for telling your tales, Beth. You have a true gift for mixing words and images to make them work as an harmonious whole :)


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