Saturday, March 22, 2014

Race in SL.. and RL

There is something that I despise.
And I'm probably going to get some hate mail over this, but this blog has always been about my honest feelings so here goes.

I was born in 1969 in a tiny little town in southern Kentucky. It was an extremely racist little backwards town... it may still be. I refuse to go back and see.
The Klan marched our in Christmas parades. I'm not even going to tell you what the city called the "black area" of town. It's ugly and vulgar.

But... I was raised differently. I was raised by a mom who, years before I was born, started a protest because my older brother's best friend wasn't allowed to sit at the local drugstore's lunch counter with him. Yes, his best friend was black. And my mother was not only a woman... but she was British, so she was a foreigner. She lost a lot of friends over it, but she stuck to her guns and my dad stood right along with her.
See, I wasn't raised to "see" the color of a person's skin. It means nothing to me. We're all the same.

I won't pretend to know what people of color (other than white) go through on a day to day basis. I'm well aware that racism is still alive and kicking and I know that it's something people still have to face. And that is shameful.

Having said that, though... there is something that is an instant turn-off for me.
And that is when I'm approached... in SL or RL... by black men who use their race as a calling card.

I know it's a turn on for some women. And men, too. And that's great for them, I suppose.

No... actually, it's not great. I think it's ridiculous. You never hear pasty-faced red-headed dudes walk up to a woman in a nightclub and tell her he wants to rub his ginger pubes all over her blonde or brunette head.
So why is it okay to walk up to a woman and tell her you want to fuck her white pussy with your big black cock?

Is that the only thing you've got going for you? The color of your penis? The color of your skin?

Not only could I not give a shit, this is such a huge turn off for me.
Are you only attracted to me because I'm white? Because there is a fuck ton more to me than the color of my skin and if that's all you see... no, thank you.

When I look at a man's profile, and I always do before I say hello, I'm not looking at the profile pic for skin color. But if your groups are full of "big black dick for tiny white pussy" groups, I'm not even going to answer you.
If we're ever going to move forward and put the issue of race to bed once and for all... we ALL have to stop identifying ourselves based on our skin color. All of us. It's such a strange thing to focus on.

I know the issues are much deeper than that... it has to do with ethnic backgrounds and heritage and history and a million other factors.

But, c'mon... stop with the BBC thing. Show me who you are, not what you are.
And, yes... it makes me feel guilty, too. Because it's so prevalent in SL that every time I'm approached by a black man, my first thought is, "Shit, here we go again." My guard goes up. Is this racist behavior on my part? Because I assume any black man that approaches me is going to start talking about his big black cock and how much he loves fucking white women?

I suppose it is. I'm stereotyping based on my past experiences. I hate it... hate that I do that.
But you know what? Every time... every single time... I fight my impulse and go ahead and start the conversation, it inevitably comes up. Talk will turn sexual and suddenly it's all about how he's going to choke me with his big monstrous black penis and how he knows all pretty little white girls crave that.


How very sad that is. Because now I'm never going to get to know you as a person, an individual human. And you're never get to know me as someone other than a white pussy that turns away the instant you mention the color of your skin.
I know I'm going to end up looking like a bigot in those situations. But... I'm not turning away from the color of your skin.

I'm turning away because you've made the assumption that the color of your skin matters to me. And you've shown me that the color of my skin matters to you.

Aren't we better than that?

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  1. Hi From my past experience it has been revealed to me that maybe at least half of the guys on SL that pose as black in SL are actually white dudes. I have no idea why, maybe it's a fetish with them or something but black male avi doesn't always mean RL black man. Simone xoxoxo


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