Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Guys

I've not been doing a great job keeping this blog update recently, have I?

You can blame this guy...
And this guy...
And the magic that happens when this happens...
I had a big old post written in my head about this... especially that last part. And what these two amazing men mean to me and what they've brought into my world.

First, there's safety... I've got these two watching my back. It's a nice feeling.

And then there's security. We all maintain separate homes, and separate lives, but I know that no matter what, one (and frequently both) of them will be there to catch me when I stumble, arms outstretched, a big warm smile and love at every turn.

These two fine gentlemen understand me. They understand why I need, and love, both of them. There's no jealousy between the three of us... the two of them have found a wonderful balance in sharing me. My time, my body AND my heart. They get that I have a limitless supply of love and instead of trying to contain it, or hold me back, they both embrace me... the real me... and all my quirks and oddities and peculiarities and insecurities. 
They understand that I'm a rambler... in words and deeds. Both have listened to me babble for hours about inconsequential things... things that bother me, and trouble me, and they understand that sometimes I just have to talk through it and I'll be fine.

They don't try to change the woman I am, nor do either of them let me push too hard or go too far as I'm want to do sometimes. 

As you all know, I wear my heart on my sleeve and tend to rush into things. Hugh and Mick won't let me. They are both too strong in their own convictions to let me barrel over them on my way to getting what I want. And they both have these adorably bemused and amused ways of dealing with me when I get headstrong. 
They have ways of calming me without making me feel like I'm capitulating. They surround me with such love and such lightness and laughter.
Never do they let me forget my place in their lives. 

They are incredibly different men... I'm not going to detail those... they aren't mine to share, but each gives me something I can't breathe without in his own unique way.

I think they'd both deny this, but they're both alpha men. Masculine, heterosexual, independent, intelligent men. Very secure in who they are... I don't need to validate either of them. They're comfortable in their skin... comfortable with who they. And comfortable with where we are.
And holy shit, do I love them both more and more each and every day! 
This is such a new experience for me... I don't answer to either of them, nor do they answer to me. We just are. 

And that's hard for me to accept sometimes... I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm so used to things going sour that sometimes I will do things, unconscious things, to sabotage good things. It may seem ridiculous when I have the two greatest men in Second Life both loving and adoring me on a daily basis, but I have to have reassurance. 

It's a weakness of mine... I'm still learning to trust in what we have. And when I do the stupid, goofy things I do to test them... they have ways of putting me in my place without making me feel like I'm... well, losing, for a lack of a better word.
I've exasperated both of them on more than one occasion. And they handle me so well when that happens. Instead of growing cold, they both seem to just get warmer without giving up their own identities. It's hard to explain. Or maybe it's really simple. They love me. 

I'm learning, though... learning to relax and breathe and just flow with them, with us, with myself and with everything that is happening.

It's glorious. I never quite know what each day will hold, but damn... it's extraordinary. I'm (mostly) at peace... when I'm alone with either of them, or when we're all together... or even when I'm out exploring by myself. 
And the sex? Holy mother of god! The sex! Like nothing I've ever experienced before... alone, each of them bring me to heights of ecstasy I've never reached before. And when the three of us get together? It's unimaginable... the intensity and the pure eroticism is ethereal. 

When the two of them are buried deep inside me, thrusting together and we're all three lost in the bliss of the moment... it shatters me. The pure love I feel from both of them along with the raw, primal instinct to fuck... just fuck... obliterates me.

So, yeah... I guess you could say life is pretty damn good in Beth's world right now. And I believe, knock on wood, that it's going to be for a very, very long time. 


  1. Thank you very much for sharing the turn-around in your fortunes, Beth. Bless you for your loving heart and them for being truely gentle men who don't feel jealous possession and believe it's love.


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