Wednesday, February 12, 2014

And It's Finally Happened...

My second life and my real life have become one and the same.

That photo up there?

That's me. Right now. Sitting here alone.

With my cat.

What is RL Beth doing right now? Sitting here alone.

With my cat.

Well, two cats actually, but you get the point.

This isn't supposed to happen when you have not one... but TWO... amazing loves/lovers.


What in every hell is it going to take to keep me satisfied? A schedule of lovers available to me around the clock, with a set schedule maybe?

This post i not to be taken seriously. I'm just being a twat.

Today is my three month anniversary with Ark. No longer partnered but... still... three months is a record for me. Kinda proud of that, despite the pitfalls and pratfalls we've had. I love him.

Told my other fella I'd be with Ark tonight.

So neither of them are here now.

I'm going to go find a stranger and get laid.

Or go buy a new rug for my new pergola.

Definitely one of the two.

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