Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vote for Pedro! Er... no... me, actually...

Hey, look... I made it nearly 21 hours into 2014 without being pissed off at anything!

That may well be a new record for me.
But here's my first gripe of the new year... photo contests.

Particularly, photo contests that rely on votes rather than a panel of judges.
I'm not an idiot... I know these contests are basically just a way for sim owners to drive traffic and raise some lindens. They could give a shit about whether the winning photo is any good.
But, still... vote stuffing aggravates the fuck out of me. I will ask my friends to vote for me, sure... but I won't log in as an alt and vote for myself 500 times.
I guess it's the Pollyanna in me... If I'm not going to cheat, I expect others not to, too. Shame on them.
But if you'd like, feel free to head over to the Paradise Sex Beach or the Playmate Magazine office and vote for me. Or whichever photo you like best, actually. :-)
Maybe I just need a longer friend's list. I actually keep mine trimmed pretty short. If I don't actually talk to you, you're not on my list. Doesn't mean I don't adore you... Just like to keep things simple.
I'm sure some of these chicks have 500 friends. A different sort of contest, I suppose. 

I'm just not that competitive... we're not in high school anymore. At least, I'm not. 
But, you know... if you want to visit Paradise or the Playmates Magazine office and vote for me in either or both places, that would be amazing.

Thank you!

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  1. Voted for you in both places :)


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