Friday, January 3, 2014

Meeting Pri - Part Two

First off, I had a shitty day. A really rotten, fucking, abysmal shitty day. Nothing whatsoever to do with Second Life and everything to do with my job, a mistake I made, an angry boss and me beating myself up about it until Monday. So I'm going to curl up with my teddy bear and give you all part two of our afternoon with Pri. 

Let me apologize in advance... I could have edited these photos much better but I'm in sort of a "fuck it" place right now and my patience for detail is lacking. 
 When we left off, Ark had decided it was my turn to get some cock. I'd been patiently, but enthusiastically, lying in the floor watching, and making a bit of a mess.
 My husband knows how I crave his cock... hard and deep... and he pulled me tightly against him, driving it into my juicy cunt.
 And I fucking loved it... being held against him while he thrust. I was leaking all over the damn place. Thank god for Scotch Gard! He had a surprise for me though...
 With no warning, he pulled out, lined up and drove deep in my tight little asshole. See the look of shock on my face! Yeah, Pri had been licking my ass earlier, but I still wasn't quite prepared for that fat cock to enter so fast... so damn hard. And if you think that didn't make me shatter on the spot, you don't know me very well.
 I creamed myself... holy shit, how I creamed myself. I'm pretty sure my hubby went cross-eyed I clamped down on his cock so hard.
 Poor Pri was sitting in the floor all this time, her turn to tap out, but we could tell she was growing achy watching me explode like that so we pulled up her with us. I got another taste of her delicious puss before we switched places.
 My own cunt was so tender at this point... still quivering and dripping but Pri went right to work on it as Ark decided to give her some anal lovin', too.
 She might be just as much a whore for it as I am. She was gasping and groaning against my snatch, tickling it with her lips and tongue as I writhed above her.
 Ark was in heaven watching her lick me as he filled her tight little ass. We kissed and nibbled on each other while we both used Pri... taking every bit of pleasure she was giving us.
 Threesomes can be difficult to maneuver, especially when you're one half of a couple. It's very easy to find yourself concentrating only on one participant, inadvertently neglecting the other, or making someone feel like they're a third wheel.
 I have to give my hubby mad props on this point. He made me feel so special, so cherished. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a bit of trepidation beforehand. These two had already been together and now I was going to be thrown into the mix. He offered me constant reassurance and love. I have a pretty good bullshit detector... My husband was sincere. He puts my pleasure before his own. I love this man.
 Pri brought me to another amazing orgasm and that was enough to push Ark over the edge, sending his seed splashing into her tight little butt. Now, I have a thing. The cum is mine. His cum is mine. Pri, bless her heart, totally understood, pushing his cum back out onto her palm and letting me lick and suck it off her hand before kneeling at his feet, cleaning his cock.
 I think at this point, we all thought we were done. We curled up together for a bit of a chat... but I was still hungry. I was in one of those moods where all I want is sex, and then some sex, followed by some sex with some sex on top. And my husband's cock was pressing against my leg, still hard. I played while we chatted, holding him in my hand, palming his engorged head... smearing little drops of cum that were still oozing out all over.
Until I had to have him back in my mouth... and suddenly we were off again...

To be continued...

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