Thursday, January 2, 2014

Meeting Pri - Part One

Note: This is going to be broken up into multiple parts over a couple of days. I took just way too many pictures!
 Ark brought a present home for us today! Gorgeous Pri came by to hang out with us for the afternoon.
 I woke up feeling very naughty today... so naughty I called in to work with a "migraine" so I could stay home and have playtime with my baby.
 Surprisingly, we'd not had a threesome before. And it was time. Ark met this lovely thing a few days ago and knew I'd like her.
 And I did. Sweet, pretty... and filthy fucking dirty.
 I curled up in the chair next to them... watching them writhing all over each other. Watching my husband suck on her pretty little nipples and finger her... going straight for her ass, naughty man... made me crazy.
 Crazy aroused, crazy wet. Watching him enjoy her body while I sat beside them, rubbing my little pink pussy.
 As I've said, I'm not bisexual. But watching the two of them together, I got hungry. I wanted a taste.
 Pri was very, very accommodating... moving to the couch so I could stretch out between her legs, pulling them up over my shoulders so I could lick that pretty pussy.
 And that tasty little asshole of hers, too. It's no surprise to anyone that I'm a fiend for anything anal and wasn't going to miss the chance to bury my tongue in there, too, lapping and wriggling while rubbing her clit until she just fucking exploded. There's something wonderful about making another woman cum... having her fill my mouth with her juices, letting them dribble down my chin... so good.
 After eating pussy, it was time to eat cock. My husband had been so sweet, so patient, just lying there watching while I feasted. It was time to reward him.
 Pri joined me, sucking on his fat head while I licked up and down his shaft, sucking on his tight balls before circling his delicious little asshole with my tongue.
 His hand was on her ass and I could feel her squirming as he pushed a finger into that tight hole.
 And then it was time for him to fuck the pretty little thing. I stretched out on the floor so I'd have a good view!
 God, she rode him hard... her pussy still twitching from her earlier orgasm.
 Bouncing... I fucking loved watched his cock disappear into her little pussy.
 My view.
 She's a fiery little thing. He was greatly enjoying her pussy.
 And I was writhing in the floor watching, leaving a puddle underneath me.
 Pri loves my husband's cock.
 He switched positions, turning her so he could watch her ass bounce on him, driving his cock so deep.
 And she took everything he had... as hard as hips could thrust up into her, she slammed right back down, until she couldn't stand it anymore and came all over his dick.
Pri needed a breather and it was my turn...

To be continued...

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