Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's possible I have a problem...

I adore animals.

All of them. And I want them ALL.

You've met this little bugger... our very special (short-bus special) Pug, Pakkun.
 Love the little slobbering, snorting doofus.
 Then came Walter...
 And Hildy. Our gorgeous Macaws. Named them after the Cary Grant/Rosalind Russell characters in His Girl Friday, one of my favorite movies.
 Now I've added a family of swans. Mom and Dad...
 Followed by the twins...
 This face makes me goofy.
 This is the teenager. The flippers just slay me.
Yeah, turtles and fishies, too. 

Now we've got to name all these aquatic critters. Five swans and three turtles. 

My beloved husband is humoring my animal obsession, though he's been instructed to spank me... and hard... if I start dismantling the Naughty Place to free up more prims for more animals.

Not that a spanking is exactly punishment for me. Maybe I ought to ask him to withhold the spankings if I keep buying animals. That would be true torture!

But... but... I still need a kitten! And a piglet! And I saw these adorable mongooses! Hummingbirds! Dragonflies! An owl!

I might need an intervention...

...when the prims run out.

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