Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year...

Note: A couple different people, including my beloved, have told me that reading this blog feels very much like reading my diary. In a way, that's exactly what this is. And I'm fine with that. I have a billion thoughts running through my brain at any given time... writing keeps me sane. Helps me make sense of the jumbled mess. It can be very personal, and very intimate. 

I write this for me. 

Surprisingly, there are many things I do keep to myself. That I share with no one, with the exception of my husband... the one person I don't have secrets from. 

So read... enjoy. If I make you think, or make you aroused, or make you angry or baffled... I'm thrilled I make you feel something. 
Here we are... another year.

And it looks like it's going to be a great one, indeed. I'm sure there will be pitfalls and pratfalls galore, but I've got a good feeling it's going to be remarkable.

2013 was... interesting.
The first 6 months, at least as far as Second Life go, were pretty uneventful other than the fact that I returned to SL after a more-than-a-year hiatus. I believe that was probably sometime in April.

I met the ex on July 4th. We joked about the fireworks we set off when we met. That was the start of our three month ordeal... not even sure it should be called a relationship at this point. There was good, yes. No sense in denying that. But at the end of that long day, the bad outweighed the good. Hindsight is always 20/20. We were so very different in so many ways... it was destined to crash and burn.
I'm not so sure why I fought so hard to keep it alive. Those of you who've been reading from day one know I gave my all trying to hold it together. And the more I tried, the worse it got. I loved what I thought we had... If anything good came of it, it was the knowledge that I didn't want to be alone in Second Life.

Thus began my quest to find a partner. In retrospect, hanging out in swinging and sex clubs probably wasn't the best place to look. There were definite fits and starts in my journey. I crossed paths with several men I thought might turn into something... they didn't. Some have remained friends, dear friends... and some faded away quickly.
I learned a lot during this period. Some painful lessons, and some very enlightening ones.

And then it happened. On November 12th, I met my future husband.

I won't say sparks flew for me the moment we met. I was actually banging someone else at the time... at Teqi's... some guy who's name I no longer remember. This sexy, goofy guy started IMing me right in the middle. We talked some... hung out a little. Had sex that was great.
And then... then this man blew me the fuck away. We spent one long glorious night together. November 16th... and 17th. That was the night. We clicked in so many ways... the more time we spent, the more time we talked, the more he made love to me... We both just knew. It was all right there... he offered me the world. His love. And I gave him mine, willingly and joyously.

That night changed my SL forever. I had been looking for someone, yes... I had no idea this would be the one, though. But he is... he absolutely is. I've never been happier.
November 22nd. He proposed. The details are something I hold very close to my heart... Something I'm actually keeping private! But it was perfect, and it was us. It happened fast, yes... but there was not a moment's hesitation on my part.

Neither of us were interested in one of those big goofy SL weddings. The plan was for it to be just the two of us... alone, exchanging our vows.

I bought his ring, but it wasn't quite right... the creator was lovely enough to alter it for me, to make it perfect for him. Once she finished, I wanted him to try it on to make sure it was right.
That was December 5th. Once he had the ring on, he told me he didn't want to take it off again and that was it... That's when we made it official. The first time in over six years of SL I ever partnered anyone. I'm so glad it was Ark. It is Ark. My husband, my lover, my best friend.

I cherish this man... so beautiful inside and out. I could wax poetic about him for pages and pages. And I suppose I have... but I never get tired of gushing about my husband.
We're feeling our way through this crazy virtual world and making our life together. Everything we go through together just makes us stronger. Brings us closer. It's insane and it's wonderful.

What does 2014 hold for us? For me? I don't know. Real life always comes before Second Life and anything could happen. I try not to look too hard at tomorrow and just take each day as it comes. It's important to remember that, in Second Life, nothing is forever. Hell, Linden Labs could switch off the servers tomorrow. Anything could happen.
So... I'm just going to bathe in my bliss. Whatever happens will happen. But now... for right now... everything is amazing. And I'm just going to kick back and enjoy the ride.

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