Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tatted And Trashy

"Tattoos don't make you look like an individual." ~ Tony Parsons
Really? A unicorn? 
No where is this more true than in Second Life.

Look, I get that it's a matter of personal preference, and I have nothing against tattoos per se (I have one myself), but do you have to cover your entire freaking bodies with them?
You've spent (hopefully) thousands of lindens on your skin. And it's freaking gorgeous. Why cover it all up with ink?
It all just blurs together and looks like smudged dirt.
It doesn't make you unique and it doesn't make you edgy. It's your personality that does, or should, do that.
Don't even get me started on the crushed velvet and bad fake fur.
I took these photos over a span of about 4 minutes at Teqi's. Do these guys look original? No. They look like douche bags.

I'm not going to judge a man solely by the tattoos you're wearing. But its highly unlikely that I'll approach you. Unless you open the dialogue with me, with something witty, I've probably already crossed you off my list.
Some of my most favorite lovers are covered with tattoos head to toe. And that's because they've shown me something more. They don't need the tattoos, and I'd really prefer if they didn't have them.
The male body is gorgeous. Why do you insist on ruining it with blurred ink?!

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