Thursday, December 5, 2013

My New Anal Beads

I got a new toy today and couldn't resist playing for a bit.

I love all things anal. Absolutely adore it, receiving and giving.

I've been asked many times if I actually like anal sex, or if I'm just pretending to like it.

No, I don't like it... I fucking love it.

I suppose it has a lot to do with my being (mostly) submissive. Letting a man use my asshole is just another way of giving myself to him. Of letting him know that my body is his. That he can use it, and me, any way he chooses.

It hurts a bit at first, yes... and a delicious kind of hurt it is. It's so very different from vaginal sex. It's tighter... makes me feel more "full" of my man. And, yes, there is definitely a feeling of being vulnerable when you've got a big cock in your ass. And I love that feeling, too.
I love the power I have... Yes, I'm vulnerable, but I'm also able to squeeze and work the cock inside me in very different ways. And when I'm pinned down getting it in the ass... there's not much else I can do other than roll my hips a bit and squeeze. Hard. It feels so good. So damn good. And getting an ass full of cum that just oozes out afterwards?


Holy hell, do I love it! I'm a big fan of messy sex... wet, messy, sweaty, sticky. Bodily fluids are FUN. All of them! After sex, I want to feel it everywhere for hours and hours. I want to know that I've been fucked, and fucked good. I don't want to jump in the shower straight after and wash everything away... I want to revel in it. Savor everything my lover has given me and done to me. Whether it's sweat, or saliva, or cum... or, yes, urine (that's for another post), I love it all.
I won't orgasm solely from anal sex. You still have to knock on the front door even if you're coming in the back door, guys. Just sayin'.

As for giving... I don't mean strapping on a big dildo and railing away at my guy. I'm talking more fingers and tongue. Beads.

First off, there are so many sensitive nerve endings down there for a man... and can't forget the prostate! I love being with a man who has never let a woman go there before. I get that not all men are comfortable with it but I always get a bit turned off by any man who pulls the "it's an exit, not an entrance" bullshit on me. Or even worse, "It's gay."

No. No, it isn't. If you're doing it with another man, it's gay. Or bisexual anyway. If you're doing it with a woman, you're still having sex with a woman.

Unless you're fantasizing about a man. Then it's a little gay. ;-)
But any man who has had an orgasm from having their ass played with... be it just licking and rubbing, or a full on prostate massage, can tell you how intense the orgasm is.

I want the men I'm with... my lovers... to cum harder than they ever have before when they're with me. Butt play is just another tool in the arsenal to make that happen.

Secondly, on the submissive side, it's another way for me to show my devotion. To show my lovers that I adore them, completely, all parts of their bodies. That not one single inch of them turns me off and that I'm willing to get on my knees and stick my tongue in their dirtiest place to show them how much they have me... how much control they have over me at that moment.
But mostly it's about making their balls tighten and ropes of precum ooze out of their cocks and dribble down their shaft. It's about building the ecstasy beyond what they've ever thought possible before and making them absolutely explode with fountains of cum... spurt after spurt until they are shaking and absolutely drained.

Butt sex is fun sex.

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