Sunday, December 8, 2013

Luckiest Girl In The World

I was out walking in the snow and this big fat old man in a red suit pulled me into his lap.

He asked me a question... wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas.

And you know what?

I couldn't come up with one damn thing.

Family and friends are healthy. I have a good job. Roof over my head. Two kitties that adore me. A car that runs. Food in my belly.

And love. So much love.

Family love. Friend love. My coworkers love me. My cats love me.

And I have this wonderful man who loves me.

All of them may get exasperated with me at times, and I'm sure there are plenty of times they'd love to kick me in the ass, but... I still know they love me. And I love them.

I'm the luckiest damn girl in the world.

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