Sunday, December 1, 2013

He Liked It...

So he put a ring on it.

If this were happening to anyone else, and they were documenting it in photos like I am, I'd freaking gag. I know my blog is a bit like Facebook right now, but damn... after being in the dark for so long, now that everything is going so damn well, I just can't keep it all inside.

Ark came home tonight.
I made sure to greet him properly. 
My place is at his feet. 
And in his lap.  
In his arms. No place I'd rather be. 
Our first family portrait? Pakkun is the pup's name.  
I'd say what happened next was a surprise... but not quite. He actually proposed a week or so ago, but with all the hullabaloo of the holidays, he hadn't had a chance to get the ring. The proposal was a total surprise, though. A very, very welcome surprise. The nut actually thought I might say no. Not a freaking chance.
It's perfect. Freaking damn perfect. Everything is freaking perfect. And for once, I'm not feeling any fear that something is going to destroy it. It's just so damn right. 
I swear, I'll get back to the filthy sex pics soon. But for right now, I just sort of want to bask in the glow of the joy I'm feeling. 

Fuck. Yes.

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