Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Turning The Page

So, yeah... I wanted to fuck last night. Badly. Sometimes... the desire and need gets to be too much and I feel like I'm going to just explode if I don't get cock... hard, deep and violent.

I had no luck at my usual haunts, so I stopped by Teqi's. I've not done well there in the past... Usually when I stop in, either everyone is already fucking or they're all silent. And the lag... my god, the lag!

Things were very different last night, though. First of all, I met one of my very favorite photographers in Second Life. Hi Ash! Sorry we didn't talk more... but I was sort of on a mission. ;-)

It wasn't long before I was approached by a very handsome gentleman and began to dance for him.
We had company next to us... the man sitting beside us was seemingly overcome with lust as he pulled his cock out and began jerking. Such is Teqi's, I guess. 
My body was already heated... but watching him stroke his cock as my new friend whispered naughty words in my ear was too much. The clothes came off and I found myself seated on my friend's face, his tongue lapping at my wetness. 
Too much, too fast... my body was thrumming. His tongue was decadent and delicious, but I needed cock. Badly. 
I straddled him quickly, sliding down on his thick cock, being stretched tightly around him, my soaking wet pussy sucking and grasping at him. 
I should mention now that at this point, the guy next to us had finished up and moved away... and another took his place. This newcomer began telling me, in detail, how he was stroking his cock while watching me. There was... something... about this man. Sitting next to us, watching me ride the stranger's cock, whispering filthy words in my ear. My body responded to his words, to the cock fucking me, and I shattered. 
The stranger, feeling my searing orgasm, quickly emptied himself inside me. But I wasn't finished yet... No, far from it. I wanted the man sitting next to us and I wanted him badly. I felt like a wild animal in heat... I wanted nothing more than to be fucked, more, violently. To be taken. And he obliged. He slipped away to another location and sent for me. I followed immediately. 
Let me go ahead and apologize for the lack of "action" shots from this point forward. It's not often that I'm so lost in a haze of lust that I can't think about pictures, but this was one of those times. 
His name is Bucky. Also the name of one of my very best friends in Second Life, but definitely not the same guy! 
It was as if he already knew my body intimately. As if we'd been lovers forever instead of just moments. He gave, and he took and he knew exactly what my body ached for. 
He was quite demanding... when I leaked all over his thighs, he ordered me to my knees to clean up the mess I'd made. But let me make one thing quite clear... this man is not a Dom. I called him "Sir", just once, and he quickly corrected me. He's a man... strong, rough and hard. His guidance and instruction made me feel... as delicate and feminine as I've felt in a long time. 
As roughly as he used me, he also cradled and comforted me. Held me, as I've longed to be held. Soft kisses and caresses. 
He made me feel safe... cherished. Precious. All the things I've been lacking for so long... so very long. 
In his arms, I felt beautiful... powerful. So strong. Treasured and needed. He accepted, and he gave back. And when I got a bit too cheeky... 
He didn't hesitate to put me right over his knee. No quarter given, either. 
Those big, manly hands... God. Over and over, not letting up... branding my ass. 
Second Life is funny that way... I was out looking for a fuck. I got much more than I was seeking. Strange how it sneaks up on you like that. I'm not sure at all what this thing is... but it's something. It's... something. And I can't wait to learn more of my new special friend. I don't know where it's going... but I feel that this may well be start of my next chapter. 
And I can't wait to turn the page.

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  1. Way to go, Beth. I'm glad your night out at Teqi's paid off for you this time. Like you said, you went for one thing...got it, plus a very special added bonus! You just never know when or where these pleasures will show up in Second Life, but always glad when they do. Keep strokin' it for all it's worth!


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