Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Splendor In The Grass

Yes, yes... I know I'm posting lots of photos of me and Ark right now.

But I'm in love, damn it! And I'm fucking happy about it!

And holy shit, have I had some incredible orgasms recently with him! And I do so enjoy sharing my orgasms...
Waiting for him to come home to me last night, blowing smoke rings when I'd rather be blowing him.
Same pose, playing with filters and stuff. 
This is mine. *nom nom nom* 
Relieving the day's tensions. 
Hello there, big boy.  
He threw me down in the grass and pounced. I was ready, though. Wet and open. Aching for him. 
He makes me scream... and cream... in the most delicious ways. 
Can't get close enough... never close enough 
Feels so good. So damn good. Makes me wild...  
Fucking like rabbits. Literally. Are we as fertile as rabbits? 
 Stretching me.
Deeper and deeper... Throbbing. 
 Tumbling over the edge with him. Bliss.
Coming down... but still floating. 
Dat ass! 
Simply perfect.

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