Sunday, November 17, 2013

Out Of Nowhere

First off... I took waaaaaay too many pictures last night so I'm going to break this into two separate posts... And tell you all the story of how love snuck up on me and bit me right on the ass!
I've already introduced you to my new friend Arkturis. And I might have been a bit hasty with that whole bit about him just being a playmate. He invited me to go dancing with him... Neither of us were interested in crowds, so we found a nice little quiet spot to dance and talk.
I really, really wasn't expecting this guy. Ark gets me. He's so damn intelligent... and I don't mean well-educated, though he is. I mean wise. Well beyond his years. I've known men twice his age who haven't got half the sense Ark does.  
And funny... a great sense of humor is so important to me. He made me laugh. And my heart started filling up with him. Uh oh. 
He's a sexy mother-fucker, too. He knows what I need... understands the line between my submissiveness and my strength as a woman. He put me on my knees, yes. But that's exactly where I wanted to be. 
Anyone who knows me knows I've been searching for something. Someone. But I wasn't going to give myself to just anyone. It'd have to be someone deserving this time.  
Someone who can accept what I have to give, and cherish it. Ark does. I'm a nurturer but I need someone who can give it back to me, too. 
And someone who loves my anal fetish as much as I do. Oh my...  
Any man who will pull me down in the middle of the dance floor and bury his tongue in my ass is definitely a keeper! 
I'll admit... I'm a bit of a size queen when it comes to cock. I love it when it's so damn big it hurts. Ark's thick and veiny cock is perfect for me. 
We finally pulled ourselves off the floor and made our way to a bed, defective though it was. It kept switching our genders every time we'd change poses. 
Second Life is a goofy, magical place. Mistakes happen and sometimes poseballs fuck up. I've seen men get all embarrassed when they accidentally find themselves on the receiving end instead of the giving end. 
Ark laughed it off with me. Laughter during sex is a wonderful thing... When you're comfortable enough with your partner to giggle and moan at the same time, it's delicious. 
He's a sensual and giving lover. At this point, we were fucking... just raw, animal fucking. Taking each other, clawing and gasping.  
I'm a dirty girl and I have some needs that are pretty... unconventional, I guess. He's just as fucking dirty as I am and I love it.  
To have a man that not only allows me to be myself, but encourages it... What a treasure this man is! 
His cock... God, it fills me so good. So deep... thick... stretching me.  
He mastered my body. Owned my pussy. But he gave, too. Pulling me on top of him, letting me set the pace, riding... writhing. 
I've had some wonderful lovers in Second Life and some amazing experiences. This time, with this man... it was just non-stop ecstasy.  
Digging his fingers into my hips, guiding me gently, but oh-so firmly. I came. And I came and came. 
His cock... that thick, meaty fucking cock... hit my g-spot over and over, rubbing so damn good.  
I was spent... or so I thought.  
His cock was so slick after I creamed all over him... He threw me back on the bed, pressing the tip against my asshole. God. 
He took me in so many ways... lifting me in his strong arms, holding me while he lowered me onto his shaft... stretching me so damn slowly as my sphincter accepted him inch by agonizing inch. 
My body adjusted, accepting his massive girth. Hurt... just the way I fucking love it. 
He pinned me against the wall... Jesus... lifting my leg and thrusting deep. 
Hard. Filling my tight ass over and over with his throbbing shaft. 
Tossing me on the bed and pulling my ass up, he alternated, fucking my ass so good, then pulling out and filling my pussy. 
I was lost... I knew by now that this was a man I wouldn't let go of. He owned me. 
Tasted so good after he emptied himself inside me. Licking and sucking my juices... his cum... off his cock. Tasting the musky flavor of my ass, and my cunt, all mingled together with his salty thick seed. 
We laid in that bed, desperately trying to catch our breaths, sweaty and exhausted. Exchanging deep, drugging kisses. I wanted to give myself to him, completely. But did he want that, too? So many questions... 
The hour was growing very late... I expected him to say his goodnights. But... no. He had other plans for me... for us. 

Stay tuned for the next part!

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