Saturday, November 2, 2013

More To SL Than Sex?

I was recently having a conversation with the ex.

Yes, we're on good terms. We had a nice chat and all is well. I wish him the best and I trust he wishes me well, too.

We were chatting about Second Life and sex and he said he was trying to keep it in his pants for a while. He made the comment that there has to be more to Second Life than sex.

Does there, though?

I'm in Second Life for sex. I already have a career, family, bills and all that stuff. What I don't have is enough sex to keep me fulfilled.

Second Life is where I can go to let it all hang out. Be a dirty whore. Fuck whoever I want in any filthy way I want. Sure, some may judge me, but who cares? They don't have any affect on my real life world. It's not like I'm going to get fired for pulling a train in public on SL.

I know there are a few people in Second Life that don't do the sex thing... or even the romance thing. Builders, scripters, etc.

I've also found out that quite of few of those people have really dirty alts.

Me? I just prefer to be who I am. Beth Macbain is actually an alt... when I started SL (my actual 6 year rez day was on Halloween), I thought it was all about role play and being someone completely different. I didn't enjoy it so much.

I wanted to be called Beth. So Beth Macbain was born. And I became me.

We're all searching for something in SL. I've said that before.

Chasing the dragon, I think the heroin addicts call it. The next great high.

Nothing lasts in Second Life. That's the most important lesson I've learned. Nothing is permanent.

The next great thing is just around the corner, but to get there, you have to sometimes let go of the last great thing. Like it or not, emotions do come into play. Breakups are a way of life. And even the very best breakups suck. It's not a fun experience.

You know what is a fun experience, though? That rush of meeting someone new... the anticipation. That little belly flutter when someone new that you're crushing on says something sweet or erotic to you. The first time the clothes come off and you get to kiss and nibble and stroke and caress and, ultimately, feel that exquisite penetration for the first time.

That rush is completely addictive. If you're lucky, you find someone (or several someones) who can make you feel that way over and over for a while. The ex and I certainly had a torrid 2 months and 3 weeks before it all went to shit. Sex was absolutely what we did best.

I didn't know if I'd meet other lovers after him that could make me feel that erotic bliss. I'd certainly had plenty of other SL lovers before him but he was the first guy in my six years that I stuck with. Others... well, if I was with them for a week without losing interest that was an accomplishment. I can't really fathom how the couples I meet in SL that have been together for years do it. Of course, all of them are swingers so I suppose that helps. I know when I was with the ex, the fact that I could have sex with other men helped me always come back to him. Other men turned my head, but I loved the comfort of knowing I always had someone else to go back to.

What's changed for me now is instead of hopping from guy to guy, I have a handful of men that I adore that are also lovers. I'll continue to meet new ones and some of the ones I'm with now will fade away, but I won't cheapen myself by thinking that all I have to offer anyone is pussy.

The sex is so much better when you're friends also. When you get to know what someone likes, and they know what you like. The little things, like knowing their belly is an erogenous zone... those make SL sex absolutely delicious.

I don't just spend my time in SL fucking even though, yes, that is the major reason I'm there. Making connections and having orgasms.

I enjoy photography. I love to shop. Learning to make movies is fun. Hanging out and dancing and being goofy is great. Exploring all the incredible places and the builds people make blows my mind.

But at the end of the day, I'm there to fuck. If you are a man and we meet... trust me when I say that's what I'm thinking about, and more than likely what you're thinking about, too. It might not happen immediately... as a matter of fact, it probably won't... but it will happen.

And it will be exquisite.

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  1. You Beth are one of the greatest friends anybody can have in Second life and we have enjoyed some great times maybe more in the future but who knows.
    I am proud to know you and I know what you say is true about "love" and sex in SL is never lasting, But too many seem to turn SL into RL and that lovers from the ether will become lovers in RL but that seldom happens but they lose their way in SL and the fact its not their real lives.
    Keep up enjoying yourself and fucking who you want, when you want


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