Sunday, November 10, 2013

Got A Spanking

I was hanging out in the garden this afternoon and Zach came by to spend some time with me.

I've been pretty terrible to Zach this week. He's my best friend and I was... not so nice sometimes. He's an amazing guy and absolutely understood that I had a really shit week. And he was there for me every single second.

He certainly hasn't deserved the amount of grief I've given him over the past few days. But I certainly deserved it today when he decided to put me over his knee.
I was sort of expecting to get some sweet, cuddly time with him... even though it was a BDSM garden! He had other things in mind... and if you know me at all, you know I never really mind a good hard smack on the ass. 
Zach has big strong hands... and he wasn't holding back. If you'd heard me screaming, you would have thought he was killing me until you noticed the wetness dripping down my legs. 
Oh, it hurt. It hurt so damn good. Tears may have leaked from my eyes, but that was nothing compared to the sweet cream I was leaking down my thighs. 
He absolutely blistered my ass. It hurts to sit, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Fuck, he always knows exactly what I need. And deserve. The spanking just kept going and going and my pussy was getting juicier and juicier... I was writhing beneath his hands, rubbing my nipples across his strong thigh. Fucking good, it was. Painful and delicious. 
Eventually, his hand got tired so he spun me around to spank me with his cock a bit. Teasing my wet cunt, stretching my hole with his thick head, but not giving me what I wanted... Bad man. 
Bad man... but still a man. It wasn't long before he shoved his cock in my pussy, thrusting hard. The swans enjoyed the view, I think. 
I pushed back, hard, driving him as deeply as I could, but it wasn't enough for him. I felt his big hands spreading my ass cheeks... felt him spit, coating my tight little asshole. He forced his thumb inside me and knew what was coming next. My thighs trembled. 
Zach knows I love a good, hard ass fuck and sometimes he just won't give it to me. He's a sadist that way... often denying me of the thing I want most. I guess he'd decided the spanking was enough punishment and gave in as I offered my tight little rosebud to him. God, I love the feel of his thick head pushing in... stretching me. 
He thrust deep and I bucked back against him, taking every delicious, throbbing inch of his cock. He was fast, and hard... relentless. Taking what he wanted, yet still giving me what I needed when he reached below me and furiously rubbed my aching clit until I shattered. He soon followed, emptying his seed deep inside me. 
All girls should have a best friend like Zach. 
But this one is mine.

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  1. Good to see you getting what you deserve *grins*


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