Thursday, November 21, 2013

Going Out With A Bang

I was doing my very best to edit some pictures last night but my darling Zach wanted some head.

I tried to tell him I was busy... I really did, but he insisted. I put my collar on and gave him ownership and told him to have at it. He could throw me on whatever poseball he wanted and make me do whatever he wanted.

And he did.

And I tried to edit. Notice there aren't actually any pictures of me giving him head... I was busy.

And then he started talking and, you know, doing stuff. And when Zach puts his mind to it, there is no better sex to be found in Second Life.

And, really... I was going to let Zach leave SL without sending him off with a bang? He's my best friend but the man is also insanely sexy. And dirty. Fucking filthy, really. A bit of a deviant. Everything I love in a lover.

Editing was abandoned and we commenced with the banging.

Our last time? Maybe... maybe not.
Bounce. Bounce bounce bounce. Grind. Bounce. Squeeze. Bounce bounce. 
Fully seated on his thick cock. 
Thrusting up so damn hard... made me scream. And cream. 
Never lets me forget who's in charge. 
Being the Master of his Domain- my snatch. 
Holding my arms back and just fucking driving his cock into me. Over and over, unrelenting.  
Holding tight and thrusting deep. 
Pulling back before taking a deep breathe and slamming that cock so fucking hard we almost tipped the chair over. 
This would be me, begging him to fuck me harder... deeper. Wanting him to bruise my aching pussy. 
And he delivered... he always delivers. 
I don't know... does it look like I was enjoying it? Maybe just a little. 
And then the filthy bastard started pulling my hair. 
I do believe he was annoyed by something... not me... but something. And he took his frustration out on me. 
And I fucking loved it. He knows what I need... he always knows.  
I love having my hair pulled. Fucking hard. While just getting drilled by his cock. Fucking thrusting and rubbing that thick head against my g-spot. It's not a myth, guys... it exists. And damn... I fucking exploded. My orgasm triggered his and he filled my pussy so good.
And then my sweet, goofy Zach was back. He pulled me into his lap and I squirmed and wiggled, dripping cum... his and mine... all over his lap. 
I don't think he minded. 
Holding on tight.  
I didn't take these last night... but the night before when we had a little cuddle time.  
My best friend. My lover. My Zach.

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