Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fuck It.

I am so fucking sick of it all. Sick to my god damn stomach.

Sick of being hurt.

Being used.

Being played.

God damn it all.

Second Life is a poison, I swear to fucking god, and people are fucking monsters.

Who treats people like that? Is it a reflection of who we'd be if we didn't have to act nice in polite society?

Makes me god damn sad for humanity.

Fuck it. Fuck. It.


I'm too fucking nice for Second Life.

How many times to I have to be punched in the fucking face?

Nobody wants to be treated like shit so how come they do it to others?

I'm tired of being made to feel fucking worthless.

Or maybe I am. Is that it? I really am completely worthless? Like the fucking abused dog who goes back time and time again just hoping for a little affection? Just to get beaten again?

God damn it all to hell.

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