Saturday, November 23, 2013

For Once...

I'm actually having trouble finding words.

I am in love.
And I can't even find a way to explain how this amazing man makes me feel.

Imagine that? Me? Without words?

It just... is.
I was searching... and he found me.

He gets me in a way no one else in SL ever has. He cherishes me... every single side of me. All my convoluted, confusing layers.

He's amazingly dominant and strong... and it's not an act. He has this strength. I'm able to open myself to him, completely. He doesn't judge... he loves. He respects me... not just as a woman, but has a human being. He feeds my appetites... not forces. I trust him.
He encourages me to be the woman I am... the best woman I can be. He cherishes our time alone together, yet knows that when I'm not with him, I'll share my body with others. On my terms.

He dominates me... my body, my soul. Yet never humiliates me.
He takes to the edge and beyond. With him, I can explore it all. He safeguards my heart.
And he lets me love him. He's opened himself up to me. He shares himself.

He's like me in that way... When we feel it, we say it. I can't contain myself sometimes... nor do I want to. And he gives... so much. And I want to give back to him. Nurture him, cherish him. Love him as deeply and freely as he loves me.
Ark is the one. THE one. My sanity and my madness.

My love.

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