Sunday, November 24, 2013

Defining SL Love

How do you do it?
I know there are some out there that have transitioned into RL romance and I suppose that makes it a bit easier... but for those of us living in love in a virtual world, how do you explain it?
I took my RL BFF out for lunch today for her birthday. She knows about Second Life and Beth Macbain but I can't really say she gets it. Being my bestie, she also knows about my relationships in SL. And was there, as BFFs should be, when I got my ass dumped.
I hadn't talked to her about Ark yet so I tried explaining.
(Her niece was also with us... she just turned 18 and I've known her my whole life... If I had a kid, this would be her... she's fucking awesome).
The BFF knows I have my quirks and SL is one of them... the niece? Well, she knows I have my quirks, too, but she had some questions for me.

  • Are you being catfished?
  • Have you voice-chatted with him yet?
  • Talked on the phone?
  • Exchanged pictures? (I wasn't going to tell her about what kind of pictures we have exchanged!)
  • Where does he live?
  • How old is he?
  • What does he do?
  • Is he really a man and not a 70 year old lesbian?
  • Are you going to meet?
That last one is always a fun question.
I find it so hard to put into words in a way that doesn't sound fucked up as all hell that we probably won't do any of those things. Pictures, yes. Maybe voice. Meeting? Probably never going to happen.
 And that's okay.

We're getting to know each other right now. We know what we both want, and what we want to have together. We're learning... and maybe we're going too fast. So what? We're having a blast together and we're both getting something we need.
We're building a life together... even though it's a second life. And isn't that what it's all about?

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