Tuesday, October 15, 2013


So today was interesting.

I spent about 7 hours eating breakfast.

Well, actually, I don't suppose I ever actually had any... my lover had some Fruit Loops.

No, I wasn't in Second Life. As a matter of fact, I was sitting behind my desk at work and our interactions were limited to messages sent back and forth.

You see, my friend wanted to start his day off with something sweet. Worried about an upset tummy, I suggested something a bit heartier.

Instead, he poured us both a bowl of Fruit Loops. I ended up dumping his over his crotch, but that's a different story.

Or, perhaps it's not. It was all part of the game we were playing... a naughty, tantalizing, titillating game. And it was far more erotic than most experiences I've had in Second Life because it was all about us painting the scene for ourselves. We weren't limited by pose balls or furniture that didn't quite behave as we wanted it to behave.

And it was so wonderful.

I was a wet, achy mess all day. I felt the constant throb of arousal between my thighs all day long. My nipples erect, poking the confines of my bra for hours. All I could think about was getting home and stripping my clothes off and giving myself some relief.

Even now, hours later, the arousal is still there... the memories, and the sentences and paragraphs we exchanged, playing out the best breakfast I've ever had.

Words are sexy.

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