Friday, October 11, 2013

The Perks of Posing

I bought a new studio.

The damn thing doesn't work right, but I asked my dear friend Zach to come over and try out the poses with me.
 Over the past week or so, this guy has been incredibly important to me. A friend in the best way. He's not only given me a shoulder to cry on, he dried my tears and gave me a swift, hard kick in the ass when I needed it, too.
Doesn't hurt that he's freaking gorgeous, too.

Kidding. Sort of.

Anyway, he's been that goofy, good looking buddy that all girls need. He's got a huge heart. Smart as a whip. My only regret is getting to know him as he's nearing the end of his Second Life. There are some really amazing things just over the horizon for this guy, and he deserves every bit of the happiness that is about to come his way.
Our crossing paths are going to lead us both to very different things, but I'll always treasure the time I've had with him. He brightened my worlds (RL and SL) when it was looking pretty dark and ominous and for that, I will always, always be grateful.
He's also a really filthy, sadistic man. I mean, he's just rotten to the core.

And he gets me. He realized even before I did that certain... needs... of mine weren't being met.

Did he step up to the plate?

Not exactly. At least, not right way.

Oh, sure, when we were trying out my new poses, he was a complete gentleman... a buddy. A friend. Making me laugh as I snapped some pictures.
 He even told me, as we were wrapping up, that he wasn't really in the mood for any naughty stuff. His emoting skills weren't up to par. *rolls eyes* 

I invited him to come back to the house for a bit, just to hang out and chat. Maybe... maybe... make out a little. It was getting late and we both had to be up early for work. Responsibilities, you know? 

We got home and he started poking around... we jumped on the bed, just to do a little cuddling (as real men do) and he started pressing buttons (as real men do) and the next thing I knew... 
He'd tied me to the damn bed frame.

I told you he was a devious man. 
With nary a single bit of foreplay, this kind, gentle man forced my legs apart and plunged his swollen cock into my pussy.
 And, damn, did I love it!

Let's face it... as soon as he popped by the studio stark naked, I was wet. Hell, look at him! There's only so much a woman can take. My silky slit was covered in dew before he even spoke. By the time he drove his cock into me, I was a mess.
This man... this man knows how to fuck a woman. How to take, and in the process, give so much more. It might be rough to some... too rough... but this girl craves it.
I'm no stranger to being used in Second Life... and the real world, too, for that matter. I'm submissive in bed. I love strong, dominant men who know how to handle me. Zach can be cruel... but only in the most delicious ways.
I clung to his body, my aching pussy feeding off every thrust. I was crazy with arousal. Begging, pleading for him to fuck me harder, deeper. 
Oh, he fucked me good, but he didn't give me what I was begging for. He took exactly what he wanted, using my body as his vessel... his toy. My god... my pussy was dripping for him. 

So what did he do? Forced me to my knees, of course. Withdrawing his bulging cock from my slick hole, he drove it into my throat. Have I mentioned how good my pussy tastes? It does, and I was savoring it with each deep thrust of his cock into my mouth. 
He was just getting started. My legs were weak and he showed the slightest hint of mercy by tossing my ass on the bed and tying me up again before climbing my breathless body and fucking my mouth with abandon. 
He fed me so good. So damn good. His fingers wrapped in my hair, pulling and tugging at my scalp as he drove his cock harder and deeper into my abused mouth. My juices were flowing down my thighs, soaking the bed beneath me. Hell, I was drooling around that massive cock filling my mouth. 

Sadistic bastard. He pulled out again and went back to my pussy, filling the ache in my belly. 

I squeezed my thighs together so fucking tight, trapping his cock inside me. My dear, sweet friend didn't take kindly to that. 

I was swiftly rewarded for my insolence with a hard, stinging slap to my breast, followed by him cupping it... squeezing me back just as hard as I squeezed his cock. The devil.

I fucking loved it. 

But I still didn't have the one thing I wanted most. The thing I'd been begging him for all week long. He's a cruel man.But not that cruel.

Just when I thought he was going to let go, fill my mouth with cum, he flipped me over.

And I felt it... sweet bliss. 

The thick head of his cock pressing against my asshole. Right where I wanted it... right where I wanted him. Where I needed him. He pressed forward... slowly, oh-so slowly, stretching me open in one long agonizingly deep thrust. 
Until he was buried to the hilt in my tight, dark hole. God... God, it felt amazing. How I'd needed this! How I'd craved his cock in my ass. He paused, only briefly, allowing me to feel his weight covering me. I was lost. My only thoughts centered on how his cock felt throbbing inside me. 
He pulled back, only to thrust in earnest now, sweat pouring off his brow as my weeping pussy wet the sheets beneath me. Each thrust forced my aching clit into the bed, driving me closer and closer to the sweet abyss. 
I came. Oh, how I came. I shattered from the feel of his cock pistoning in and out of my tight little asshole. Screaming and thrashing, wave after delicious wave, never stopping as he drive himself deeper and deeper before spilling his seed inside me, spurt followed by spurt of hot cum filling me, dripping from me.
Holy shit, we were spent. He collapsed on top of me, breathlessly laughing as he cradled my body close to his, the dominant sadist gone, replaced by my sweet friend. He gently untied me, rubbing my wrists, soothing me where the ropes rubbed my soft skin raw.  My body was still shaking from the strength of my orgasm as he gathered me close, kissing my temple and nuzzling my neck, my breasts. 
Oh, and the best part?

After a deep, long kiss, he left. Went alone to his bed while I curled up in mine. The perfect end to a perfect night.

I mean, other than having to sleep in the wet spot. 

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