Friday, October 4, 2013


Was hanging out at my favorite watering hole tonight, just having a grand old time on the dance floor, chatting with friends when suddenly I felt a pair of eyes on me. On my ass, in particular.

It wasn't long before I felt that body slide up behind me. The brush of fingertips against the nape of my neck as he moved my hair aside to whisper against my neck. The heat of an aroused body pressing against me, the weight of an erection low on my back, nestled between my ass cheeks.

Ladies and jellybeans, it's been quite a while since I let myself get good and seduced but along came my new friend Crix to get right to the crux of my problems!

This isn't one of my pictorials that I'm planning on doing soon... this was just me and a very, very delicious man who managed to do an astounding job of making me feel like a woman.

Enjoy. I know I certainly did.

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