Saturday, October 19, 2013

Late Nights With Zach

I have a naughty place.

That's what I call my little skybox below my house where I keep the majority of my playthings. I realized I was missing a hot tub so I trekked out and found one a few nights ago.

My buddy Zach was kind enough to come over and try it out with me.
 This man is seriously just crazy delicious.
 He can play my body like a violin... pulling, plucking my strings in the most delightful ways.
 He listens to what I'm saying... and more importantly, what I'm not saying. A rare quality, indeed.
This is the guy who made me cum, in RL, while I was sitting at my desk at work yesterday. Yeah, I've been aroused at work before... but never to the point where I actually exploded behind my desk. That's how good he is. 
He knows how to straddle the line between dom and vanilla. 
Hot tub night, I wanted vanilla. I'll tell you all about the NEXT night later... lol. 
So, the hot tub works very well.
Zach's cock always works very well. 
And knowing that he's taking matters in his own hands makes my pussy melt. 
If it seems that the water is a little cloudy, you can chalk that up to how hard he made me cum. 
Filthy, dirty beast, he is. 
I adore when he buries his face in my breasts, tugging and pulling the nipples with his teeth. 
Vanilla for Zach still comes with a bit of a power play. And he does loves to see his cock pounding my dripping cunt from behind. 
Little hair-pulling. The slight pain just makes everything a little bit better. 
Skin was getting a bit wrinkly by this point, so he took sweet mercy on me, pushing me over the edge... and himself as my pussy rippled in orgasm around his cock, milking him until he filled me with spurt after spurt of his seed. 
And this guy? He never forgets to show me how cherished I am after the orgasms subside and breathing returns to normal. 
Every girl should have a buddy like Zach. 

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