Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear Feminists, Please Shut The Fuck Up

Today's post is inspired by this song:

When it first started growing in popularity, I heard some buzz from friends about how it was a song about rape.

I didn't pay much attention, mainly because I'm tragically unhip and hadn't actually heard the song. Then I heard it and loved it and it went into my heavy Spotify rotation. It's a catchy sexy song. It makes me want to sing, dance and fuck all at the same time.

Still, I paid not much attention to the feminist rumblings. A song comes out like this every few years or so that invokes their ire. The first time I really remember it was back in the early 90s when Stone Temple Pilots released Sex Type Thing. I loved that song, still do, but I'll admit it really does have sort of a rapey vibe. "I am a man, I'll give you something that you won't forget, I said you shouldn't have worn that dress..." Not only is it rapey, it advocates victim-blaming, too. I get that, though I still love the song.

Here's another thing... the top women's fantasy is consistently the rape fantasy. Hell, it's mine, too. I do think, at least in my case, it's a bit misnamed. I don't fantasize about being raped by dudes who look like this:
No... I fantasize about getting raped by guys who look like this:
Fuckity-Fuck-Fucking-Fuck YES
And it's really not a rape, per say, because after a bit of a "struggle", it devolves into wild, clothes-ripping, profane raw sex.

And that's liberating. And this is what the feminists don't get about Blurred Lines. Have they even read the lyrics? It says right there, "Okay now he was close, tried to domesticate you, but you're an animal, baby, it's in your nature, just let me liberate you."

Liberate... Lib-er-ate. 

Do you know what we domesticate? Dogs. 

Dude isn't singing about date rape. Or any kind of rape. He's singing about freeing a woman from her shackles and helping her find her sexual freedom.

Jesus H. Christ, the feminists should be praising this song! It's not about a man encouraging a woman to reach her full potential and be as sexually liberated as men have been for... well... ever, really. 

And this is where the badge-wearing feminists fuck it all up. You don't speak for me. I am a strong, grown-ass woman who can make her own decisions. If I want raw sex with any man or woman I chose, fuck off with your slut-shaming and victimizing where there is no victim.

First of all, the word "feminist" needs to be retired. It had its place and time, but no longer. How about humanist? We're all equal. No better, no worse, than anyone else. I don't need, or want, to be treated with kid gloves because I'm female. The word "feminist" implies that women are better than men, not equal. And that's just horse-shit. 

Secondly, women have GOT to stop shaming each other for their sexuality. I know my lifestyle isn't for everyone. And what two, or three, or more, consenting adults do behind closed doors is no one's business. If two people are happily domesticated, more power to them. If 35 people want to live in a constant state of orgy, rock on. Whatever. None of my business as long as they are all consenting adults.

Women can say no. Men can say no. When we're pressured to give in to something we truly don't want, as opposed to being encouraged to be whoever we want to be, that's a problem.

Stripping naked and fucking a room full of strange men? Not a problem, if that's what I, or anyone else, truly want. 

The feminists want women to be who THEY want them to be... not who the women themselves truly want to be, whatever that may be.

THAT is equality, my friends.
Liberate this.

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